Luca Nizzoli Toetti

foreword by Mario Dondero
afterword by Sergio Romano

Almost Europe is a journey throughout Europe, the “land with the broad look” in its ethimological sense; a road from Kaliningrad to Istanbul, all along the “blue curtain”. It reveals the new borders drawn after the last UE’s enlargement towards the East. This book is also the first chapter of a larger project called, a visual journey, a walk inside the everyday life of the “almost europe”, that lies within the Old Continent’s social, political and cultural melting pot.
The project aims at inspire new and constructive thoughts about the people who visit and live in Europe’s extended borders; the project also wish to stimulate a reflection on the causes that changed all the brave Ulisses into all-inclusive’s tourists.

ISBN 978-88-98391-10-3
55 b/w PHOTOS
FORMAT 17 X 23 cm
YEAR 2013
BINDING flexbound

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Price: € 25,00

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